D 7 – 3 Dining Chair – Hulsta

The swing of this chair is like the movement of a wave. And its shape exactly matches this movement – harmonious and gentle. Like everything else in this chair, the workmanship is also of high quality.

All-round seam piping, the versatile upholstery combinations in leather and fabric and the rocking backrest all provide a high level of comfort for the D 7. This version has metal armrests with upholstered covers. The backrest is available in 83 cm as shown here, but can also be 101 cm high. Our type list gives you an overview of the possible versions and sizes of the D 7. Total sizes are 83 x 54 x 60 cm. Seat sizes are 50 x 53:47 x 50 cm. Just give us a call to 020 8961 7780, email to info@fcilondon.co.uk or fill in the form on this page.

    Call us on 020 8961 7780 to talk to one of the sales & design team.