Simia Sideboard – Hulsta

SIMIA is a modern living room range which has a particularly attractive look because of the combination of natural wooden elements and matt lacquer. A very intricately processed, flush-front handle strip of core walnut or light brown ash highlights the entire width of each element and therefore creates an effect of fine horizontal lines.

The combination of brown-black lacquer and core walnut makes the lighting effects even more impressive. The sideboard with 3 doors, each with 1 fitted wooden shelf, is 85 cm high and 45 cm deep. SIMIA offers many useful accessories for the dining room, such as feltlined trays, cutlery drawers or boxes with a lid and even insertable cutlery holders. Single units with top cover panels are an excellent alternative to a sideboard in the dining room. They come in widths of 129 cm and 172 cm. Four large drawers accommodate everything which needs to be quickly at hand at the table. The characteristic walnut is also one of the timely young evergreens among the wood versions. Together, they have been reinterpreted in SIMIA and show their excitingly modern side. The sideboard comes in 3 widths from 172 cm to 215 cm and many different versions with drawers and sliding doors. 85 high and 45 cm deep, it provides ample storage space. A 193.5 cm by 45 cm space in your dining room is ideal for placing a 142 cm high SIMIA highboard. With 3 glass doors at the top, each with a fitted glass shelf. With 2 doors bottom right and left, each with 2 fitted wooden shelves behind them just waiting to be used. And 3 wonderfully large drawers in the centre with the hulsta Soft Flow device. Just give us a call to 020 8961 7780, email to or fill in the form on this page.

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