Tameta Display Cabinet – Hulsta

TAMETA stands out by its wide choice of design possibilities. It now offers even more: mix different finishes within a unit? No problem! Combine wood, lacquered and glass fronts? Of course! Plus clear glass cut-out sections for fronts? All of this is possible and looks simply stunning!

The 12-Raster TAMETA units are ideal cupboards and glass cabinets for a contemporary white dining-room. Magic-Tronic allows you to switch the light on and off with a light touch. By “stroking” the sensor that is integrated into the sides or the top of the unit, the light can be switched on and off. The 1.5 to 2.4 Watt LED light fillet turns wooden shelves or cover surfaces into bright and energy-efficient light sources. Invisibly integrated below the front edge, it remains concealed from most angles. 3 Watt, incredible performance: the economical Power-LED fitted spotlights are available for use inside units (shown here) as well as for cover shelves and open compartments. Glass edge lighting creates an elegant effect in units with clear glass fronts. LED light fillets with aluminium profiles are fitted behind the glass shelves. Elegant core walnut and black lacquered glass units give this room a beautifully calm backdrop. The 75 cm width ensures that even quite large objects can be displayed behind the clear glass fronts. Glass shelves and drawers are available with optional functional accessories. Just give us a call to 020 8961 7780, email to info@fcilondon.co.uk or fill in the form on this page.

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