Xelo Coat Hanger – Hulsta

Just imagine you were asked to name as many wishes as you like and they were all fulfilled. XELO provides you with so much creative scope that it can meet the widest variety of wishes and also adapt to the available space. But no matter what you eventually choose: the quality of the finish, the design and the practical features are always excellent.

Typically XELO. The versatile solitary units give every room in your home a new look that will stay eternally young – in the living room, study or dining room. There are no bounds to your imagination when planning thanks to materials like aluminium, lacquer, veneer and glass. Start a new attitude to life in your entrance hall with XELO. Just give us a call to 020 8961 7780, email to info@fcilondon.co.uk or fill in the form on this page.

    Call us on 020 8961 7780 to talk to one of the sales & design team.