Eye catching Details

The raw and natural charm of wood or soft to touch leather are brought together in combination with glossy lacquered surfaces and chrome to create the foundation of this collection. By using all these materials, a number of possibilities are created for the stunning sideboards, glass cabinets, highboards and lowboards of the Gentis range.

Whether you want to furnish an entire loft or a small and cosy living room, with Gentis, all products are scalable so they can be customised according to individual preferences.

Distinctively unique accents

A simply perfect collection of expressive units that can be used on their own or to create breathtaking combinations. The clever LED-lighting makes these units look like works of art, especially with the surfaces covered in Nappa leather as they act as striking accents.

Strong Contrasts

The GENTIS glass cabinets give you plenty of space to showcase your favourite designer items. At the same time, there is ample closed storage to hide away things that you do not want on display. The strong contrasts look even more amazing when showcased in their best light since it adds a touch of warmth and elegance.

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