Tailor made products

An innovative wardrobe system with great versatility that can be tailor-made for individuality. Whether you have a small space under the stairs, a slanting ceiling or an extra big bedroom, this is a wardrobe that will always fit impeccably.

Sliding, hinged or folding doors, nothing is impossible with the MULTI-FORMA II range. You can also add any intermediary units that you need based on your own ideas and requirements along with customising the interiors with lighting, TV compartment and accessories.

The finishes don’t just add to the product’s quality but also provide you with a lot of flexibility as you can choose a matt or high gloss finish or create unique combinations with wood. With a choice of 19 different lacquer colours, you can be assured that MULTI-FORMA II will work well with any of the Hulsta bedroom products and any type of interior design.

Bespoke wardrobes

Every room of a house including the home office and the bedroom has its own style and character but the MULTI-FORMA II wardrobes can fit anywhere, no matter how unusual the layout is.

This designer wardrobe can also be used as a room divider and any special requests are always accomodated.

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