Hulsta Cold Foam Topper

A super soft mattress that ensures unmatchable comfort, thanks to its pre-tensioned, micro cylinder pocket springs that have been assembled in different levels of firmness for a wonderfully relaxing experience. The two climatic belts on the sides of the mattress offer climate management so you continue to experience a luxurious sleep.

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    Cold Foam Topper
    Height: approx. 7 cm; firmness level: soft; weight: approx. 7 kg (100 x 200 cm)

    • 7 zone HR* cold foam core with segmented surface (one side)
    • Very good zone elasticity for pressure relief
    • Pyramid shaped construction in the cold foam core and full-depth ventilation channels from top to bottom optimise vertical and horizontal moisture dispersion
    • Cover washable up to 60°C with mild detergent in easy-care programme, a great help in the case of many allergy problems

    Topper composition
    • Elastic double cloth topper cover (63% polyester, 37% modacrylic), quilted with brand climatic fibre
    • Fluffy polyester climatic hollow fibres
    • 7 zone HR* cold foam core with pyramid shaped construction (the cores are adhered together in the case of double sizes)
    • HR* (cold foam) cell core with 95% air ratio (RG 50)
    • Open-pored cell structure (moisture dispersion)
    • Highly elastic, good form retention, very long life
    • Reversible

    Please beware this is not a mattress, it’s a topper which can be placed on top of a mattress to achieve a higher comfort.

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    75cm x 200cm, 80cm x 200cm, 90cm x 200cm, 100cm x 200cm, 120cm x 200cm, 140cm x 200cm, 150cm x 200cm, 160cm x 200cm, 180cm x 200cm, 200cm x 200cm, 75cm x 210cm, 80cm x 210cm, 90cm x 210cm, 100cm x 210cm, 120cm x 210cm, 140cm x 210cm, 150cm x 210cm, 160cm x 210cm, 180cm x 210cm, 200cm x 210cm