Top Point 500 Spring Core Mattress – Hulsta

7 zone cylinder pocket spring core mattress with Hulsta flex comfort base frame (non-adjustable)

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Core height: 18 cm, height with mattress cover: approx. 20 cm
Firmness level: medium

● Stable mattress core, ergonomically favourable body support with loins support (7 zones)
● Multiple-sealed cylinder springs in single pockets with Soft-Touch top foam layer in RG 50, with vertical perforations
● Especially good ratio between safe body support and comfort
● Comfortable fine upholstery with climatic hollow polyester fibre
● Cover washable up to 60°C with mild detergent in easy-care programme, a great help in the case of many allergy problems
● 2 reversing grips on each side

Additional information

Type of Mattress

Single, Partner


level Medium BMI approx. 22-30


W.80 X D.190, W.90 X D.190, W.100 X D.190, W.120 X D.190, W.140 X D.190, W.80 X D.200, W.90 X D.200, W.100 X D.200, W.120 X D.200, W.140 X D.200, W.80 X D.210, W.90 X D.210, W.100 X D.210, W.120 X D.210, W.140 X D.210, W.80 X D.220, W.90 X D.220, W.100 X D.220, W.120 X D.220, W.140 X D.220, W.160 X D.190, W.180 X D.190, W.200 X D.190, W.160 X D.200, W.180 X D.200, W.200 X D.200, W.160 X D.210, W.180 X D.210, W.200 X D.210, W.160 X D.220, W.180 X D.220, W.200 X D.220


● Centre cylinder pocket spring-core in elastic zones: various strengths of spring wire in each zone (approx. 400 springs for 100 x 200 cm – spring density 267/m2)
● Reversible
● Hülsta Safety Guarantee

Base frame

Fixed, non adjustable base frame

Total height: 8.5cm

● Stable high-edged frame with back and foot section integrated (in adjustable versions) of multi-glued plywood, film coating
● With the best base frame slats in the world, the hülsta base slat (green layer = reinforcement layer), 38 mm wide, 8/12 mm thick, 7/9x (up to 100 cm/from 120 cm) moisture-proof glued, in long-term elastic Duo pocket end bearings, 28 base slats per 200 cm length
● Firmness adjustment in loin – pelvis region with patented adjuster slide (for firmness adjustment from soft to firm)


• High-quality mattress cover (63% polyester, 37% modacrylic) quilted with brand climatic fibre
• 3 cm high HR* upholstery above and below spring core: with vertical perforations for best acclimatisation
• HR* cold foam with open-pored cell structure; RG 50 (volume weight 50 kg/m³): highly elastic, good form retention, very long-lasting
• Centre cylinder pocket spring-core in elastic zones: various strengths of spring wire in each zone (spring density: 265 springs/m²)
• Reversible