Types of Mattresses and 3 Best Mattresses to Buy in 2023

The quality of your sleep is heavily influenced by the type of mattress you use. Choosing the wrong firmness level or type of mattress can make all the difference between a restful night’s sleep and a night of tossing and turning.

Five Most Popular Mattress Types

There are several different types of mattresses available, each with its own unique features and benefits.

The most common types of mattresses are memory foam, cold foam, innerspring, latex, and hybrid, but you may also encounter many other types, such as waterbeds or airbeds.

By understanding the differences between these types of mattresses, you can make an informed decision and choose the one that is best for you.

1 – Cold Foam

This mattress is made of a special type of foam, designed to provide a cooler sleeping surface than traditional memory foam mattresses. The foam used in a cold foam mattress is made of high-density polyurethane material with an open-cell structure, allowing air to circulate more freely and helping to dissipate heat.


  • Temperature regulation: Cold foam mattresses are designed to dissipate heat better than traditional memory foam mattresses, making them a great choice for people who are hot sleepers.
  • Support and pressure relief: The high-density foam used in cold foam mattresses provides excellent support and pressure relief, which can help reduce pain and discomfort in the back, neck, and/or shoulders.
  • Durability: They are typically more durable and resilient than traditional memory foam mattresses, which means that they can maintain their shape and support for a longer period.


  • Firmness: These mattresses are generally firmer than traditional memory foam mattresses, which may not be ideal for those who prefer a softer sleeping surface.
  • Price: They can be more expensive than traditional memory foam mattresses, which may deter some consumers.

2 – Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are a popular choice for those seeking a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. This type of mattress is made from viscoelastic foam, designed to conform to your body’s unique shape and provide a cradling effect.

As you move throughout the night, the foam “remembers” your body’s contours and slowly returns to its original shape once you get out of bed. This feature has earned memory foam its name and made it a popular choice for those seeking a restful night’s sleep.

When it comes to mattresses, memory foam is a top choice for those seeking relief from joint or body pain. It is designed to distribute your body weight evenly, reducing pressure points and providing a more comfortable sleep experience. Additionally, memory foam mattresses come in various firmness levels, making it easy to find the perfect level of support for your individual needs.


  • Pressure relief: Memory foam is known for its ability to contour to the body’s shape, which helps to distribute weight evenly and relieve pressure points. This can be especially beneficial for people with back or joint pain.
  • Motion isolation: They absorb movement, meaning you are less likely to be disturbed by your partner’s movements during the night. This can lead to a more restful night’s sleep.
  • Durability: They are less likely to sag or develop lumps and bumps than traditional spring mattresses.
  • Hypoallergenic: Memory foam is naturally resistant to allergens such as dust mites and mould, making it a great choice for people with allergies or respiratory problems.
  • Customisation: They are usually available in different firmness levels, allowing you to choose a mattress that best meets your needs and preferences.


  • Heat retention: Memory foam can retain heat, making the mattress feel warm, especially during hot weather. But modern and high-end memory foam mattresses are designed with cooling features such as gel-infused foam or breathable covers to counteract this issue.
  • Off-gassing: Customers may notice a strong odour when unpacking a memory foam mattress. This is due to the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can irritate some people. However, most memory foam mattresses have low VOC emissions, and the odour typically dissipates within a few days.
  • Firmness: While many people enjoy the contouring feel of memory foam, some may find it too firm or lacking in bounce. So it may take some time to adjust to the sensation of sleeping on these mattresses.
  • Price: They can be more expensive than traditional mattresses.
  • Weight: They are heavier than traditional mattresses, which can make them difficult to move or rotate.

3 – Innerspring

Spring mattresses are often considered as the original mattresses and have been widely used and trusted for a long time.

They feature a support system composed of metal springs or coils and provide a wide range of comfort levels. Additionally, they are highly resilient and are available at a variety of price points.


  • Bounce: They are known for their bouncy feel, which can benefit certain activities such as intimate moments or physical therapy exercises.
  • Affordability: They are often more affordable than other types of mattresses, making them a good choice for budget-conscious consumers.
  • Cooling: The space between the coils in spring mattresses allows for better air circulation, which can help regulate body temperature and prevent overheating during sleep.
  • Firmness: Some people prefer the firmer feel of a spring mattress, which can provide better support for the back and spine.
  • Availability: They are widely available and can be found at most mattress stores and online retailers, making them easy to purchase.


  • Poor motion isolation: They are known for transmitting motion, which means that movement on one side of the bed can be felt on the other side. This can be disturbing for couples who share a bed.
  • Lack of pressure relief: They may not offer the same level of pressure relief as other types of mattresses. This can lead to discomfort for people with back or joint pain.
  • Short lifespan: They are prone to sagging and losing shape over time. This can result in decreased comfort and support and may require replacing the mattress sooner.
  • Noise: Poor quality innerspring mattresses can be noisy, particularly if the coils are not individually wrapped. This can be disruptive to sleep and may be a concern for light sleepers.
  • Limited customisation: They may not offer the same level of customisation as other types of mattresses, particularly when it comes to firmness and support. This can make it difficult for people with specific sleep needs to find a comfortable mattress.

4 – Hybrid

A hybrid mattress typically consists of pocketed coils and a minimum of three inches of comfort foam, with the most common types being hybrids of memory foam or latex. The coil layer of the mattress helps improve airflow throughout, while the comfort layers provide cushioning to relieve pressure points.


  • Improved support: The layer of supportive innerspring coils can provide better support for your body than a memory foam mattress alone.
  • Enhanced comfort: The top layer of memory foam in a hybrid mattress can provide additional comfort and pressure relief, allowing you to sink into the mattress and contour to your body shape.
  • Better temperature regulation: Memory foam mattresses tend to retain heat, while innerspring mattresses provide better airflow. A hybrid mattress can combine the benefits of both materials, keeping you cool while you sleep.
  • Reduced motion transfer: Innerspring coils help to reduce motion transfer, meaning you are less likely to feel your partner’s movements during the night.
  • Longer lifespan: Hybrid mattresses tend to last longer than memory foam mattresses, as the innerspring coils provide added durability and support.


  • Higher cost: Hybrid mattresses tend to be more expensive than traditional memory foam or innerspring mattresses due to their combination of materials.
  • Heavier weight: The innerspring coils in a hybrid mattress can make it heavier and more difficult to move, rotate or flip.
  • Potential noise: Some poor-quality hybrid mattresses may produce noise when the innerspring coils move or squeak as they age.
  • Reduced motion isolation: While hybrid mattresses offer some motion isolation benefits, they may not perform as well as an all-foam mattress, meaning you could feel more movement from your partner during the night.
  • Varying quality: Because hybrid mattresses can vary in terms of the quality of materials used, it is essential to research and choose a reputable brand and model to ensure that you get a quality product that will last.

5 – Latex

Latex foam is a mattress alternative composed entirely of organic materials extracted from the sap of rubber trees. This leads to a product that is both resilient and breathable, with the ability to alleviate pressure. The contours of latex foam are similar to memory foam as they conform closely to relieve points of pressure.


  • Durability: Latex mattresses have a longer lifespan compared to traditional innerspring or memory foam mattresses. They can last up to 15 years or more with proper care.
  • Comfort and pressure relief: They provide excellent pressure relief and conform to your body’s curves, offering a comfortable and supportive sleep surface.
  • Allergy-friendly: These mattresses are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, mould, and mildew. This makes them a great choice for people with allergies.
  • Natural materials: They are made from all-natural materials, usually derived from the sap of rubber trees, making them an eco-friendly option.
  • Breathability: Latex foam is known for its breathability and temperature regulation. It helps to keep you cool during the night by allowing air to circulate around your body.
  • Minimal noise: Unlike innerspring mattresses, latex mattresses are virtually silent, making them ideal for light sleepers.


  • Higher cost: They tend to be more expensive than traditional innerspring or memory foam mattresses due to their high-quality materials and production process.
  • Heavier weight: They are typically heavier than other mattresses, making them more challenging to move, rotate or flip.
  • Firmness: They can be firmer than other mattresses, which may not suit everyone’s sleeping preferences.
  • Allergies: While these mattresses are hypoallergenic, some people may still be allergic to latex, so checking for any potential sensitivities before purchasing is important.
  • Initial odour: Some people may notice a strong, rubber-like odour when unpacking their latex mattress. This is normal and should dissipate after a few days.

Mattresses That Our Sleep Experts Recommend

Considering all these pros and cons and utilising our decades of experience in selling the world’s best beds and mattresses, our designers and business manager have shortlisted the following three mattresses as the best choices this year:

Hulsta Air Dream 500 Foam Mattress

The Air Dream 500 is a mattress that is designed to provide a comfortable sleeping surface with excellent support and pressure relief.

It features a unique combination of foam layers and a pocket spring system that is designed to contour to the shape of your body and distribute weight evenly across the mattress.

The mattress is constructed with a layer of high-density foam at the base, followed by a layer of pocket springs that are individually wrapped and designed to provide targeted support to different areas of the body. On top of the pocket springs, there is a layer of soft foam that is designed to provide comfort and cushioning.

The Air Dream 500 has a medium-firm feel, which can provide the ideal level of support for people who sleep on their back or stomach. The mattress also features a breathable cover that is designed to help regulate temperature and keep you cool while you sleep.

Overall, the Air Dream 500 is a high-quality mattress that is designed to provide exceptional support and comfort for a restful night’s sleep.

Best for: Back/stomach sleepers, hot sleepers and those who want exceptional spine support

Price: £1,078 – £3,588

hulsta mattressTop Point 500 Spring Core Mattress

This mattress features a combination of foam and pocket springs that work together to distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure points.

It is constructed with a layer of high-density foam at the base, followed by a layer of pocket springs that are individually wrapped and designed to provide targeted support to different body areas. On top of the pocket springs, there is a layer of soft foam that is designed to provide comfort and cushioning.

Best for: Couples and restless sleepers

Price: £1,367 – £3,242

hulsta mattressTop Point 4000 Spring Core Mattress

This luxury mattress is designed to provide the ultimate comfort and support.

In addition to the foam and pocket spring layers, the Top Point 4000 features a layer of mini pocket springs that are designed to provide even more support and contouring to the body.

Best for: Those suffering from painful joints and hot sleepers

Price: £2,141 – £5,044

hulsta mattress

Summing Up

You can find several different mattress types in the market, each with its own pros and cons.

Mattresses made of innerspring, hybrid, and latex materials tend to be buoyant and cool, although hybrid and latex mattresses are more effective at cushioning and alleviating pressure than innerspring mattresses. Memory foam and poly-foam mattresses can conform well to your body but do not provide much springiness. Airbeds and waterbeds are distinct and inexpensive, but they do not offer the same sleep quality compared to other mattress options.

The most important thing to consider when buying a new mattress is the mattress brand you choose, as it determines the durability of your mattress. Considering construction, durability, feel, and cost factors is also important.

If you’ve decided what type of mattress you want and are ready to take your next step, don’t forget to go through our mattress buying guide.

With Hulsta mattresses, you have the satisfaction of investing in a mattress that will last for several years as the brand is known for its high-quality, luxury products.

If you have any more questions or if you need help choosing a new mattress, just get in touch with our sleep experts or visit our London showroom for a free consultation.

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